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This chief ain't wearing no wedding dress for nobody

One beautiful Friday afternoon I found myself at the Howden Park Centre in Livingston for the wedding of Angela and Romeo.  I was excited at the day ahead because after the ceremony I was taking photos of a bride on a horse!  I'll let that sink in. The ceremony was beautiful, the centre pulled out all the stops to transform their bistro into a wedding space set in front of their art gallery and arranged in such a way that although allowed for social distancing, also allowed everyone there to view the couples special day.  Streamed around the world Angela and Romeo made their vows in front of their closest family and friends. After a whole lot of debating around location it had been agreed that the photoshoot would take place at the stables where Chief and his friend Jake stood proud with their manes braided with roses, standing regal in wait for the bride and groom to jump on and have the photoshoot of photoshoots.  I pictured scenes from the runaway bride and  black beauty with th

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