This chief ain't wearing no wedding dress for nobody

One beautiful Friday afternoon I found myself at the Howden Park Centre in Livingston for the wedding of Angela and Romeo.  I was excited at the day ahead because after the ceremony I was taking photos of a bride on a horse!  I'll let that sink in.

The ceremony was beautiful, the centre pulled out all the stops to transform their bistro into a wedding space set in front of their art gallery and arranged in such a way that although allowed for social distancing, also allowed everyone there to view the couples special day.  Streamed around the world Angela and Romeo made their vows in front of their closest family and friends.

After a whole lot of debating around location it had been agreed that the photoshoot would take place at the stables where Chief and his friend Jake stood proud with their manes braided with roses, standing regal in wait for the bride and groom to jump on and have the photoshoot of photoshoots.  I pictured scenes from the runaway bride and  black beauty with the horses running in slow motion, wind in the brides hair and her groom galloping beside her enjoying every second of their special and unusual day.

Set on the backdrop of a beautiful sunny day and with fields surrounding the stables Angela showed me the spot she wanted a particular photo to be taken.  Both on their horses, underneath a stunning everglade with the sun peaking warmly through the trees.

I know nothing about horses, but I understand photos and could really understand why this was so important.  Chief is her baby, her second child and she wanted him to play a part in her big day. 

As Romeo settled on to his horse it was Angela's turn.  Life can spin in a matter of seconds and behind the lens of that camera I could feel time stand still as I heard a thud, a yell and then silence from everyone around.

Angela climbed on her horse but the wedding dress spooked him and he took a step that threw her from his height hitting the solid ground below and landing on her head.

The first thing she asked me was 'Did you get that?' I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, I was still taking photos of the groom on his horse when it happened.  She was dazed, grazed and had been knocked out for what felt like forever but was probably under a minute.

The dream photoshoot turned into a few hours, in a wedding dress, in A&E with concussion, a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist.

I'm not sure you can imagine how quickly things just stop after an incident like this.  It comes to an abrupt end.  The guests gathered back at the venue seeking answers on how Angela was getting on and we were made aware that it was likely she would be kept in overnight.

I also wonder what the nursing staff thought when a bride walked through their door on the day of her wedding.

A few hours later, and after I had left, the bride turned up with very little of her wedding left to take part in her first dance and then head off on honeymoon.  

Bride, groom and horse are all doing well.  If you would like a horse involved in your wedding then I have a lovely little rocking horse I can give you a loan of, otherwise please stand beside your wonderful friend because it turns out horses don't want to wear wedding dresses.



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